Few of my fav things....

  • A hug from my sons or hubby
  • A Romantic comedy book or movie
  • A smooch from our goofy puppy
  • Anything Pasta..I am part Italian and to me food IS love! Thankfully I stay active!
  • Baking time with my boys
  • Being a mommy..there is nothing like it in the world.They have filled a void I did not even know I had.:0)
  • Being married to my opposite, keeps things interesting..lol
  • Bike rides with hubby and the boys
  • Board game night with my boys
  • Chocolate and vanilla mixed soft serve ice cream on a waffle cone
  • Cougar town...so NOT the kind of show I thought it would be given the title name.This show is hilarious!
  • Desperate housewives.I rarely watch t.v but had to check this show out when so many people told me I looked like Edie.Don't see it but LOVE the show.Bought series 1-4 so far..lol!
  • Doves Chocolates
  • homeschooling my lil guys
  • Lazy days at the library
  • My boys smile
  • My husbands gorgeous green eyes..12 years later and they STILL melt me! lol!
  • My husbands smile
  • Nachos smothered in Chili and cheese
  • Night time reading time with my boys
  • Rainy days curled up with a cup of tea and a book
  • smell of coffee brewing
  • Smell of cookies baking
  • Smell of pinesol
  • Starbucks White chocolate mocha decaf Venti
  • The feel of morning dew between my toes
  • The smell of freshly made bread
  • The sound of my sons laughter


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Fury or February Furry? *laughs*

Hiya once again my friends! How the heck is everybody? Great I hope!

As I sit here typing we are in the middle of ANOTHER blizzard! Seriously! *Laughs* I was just watching the weather channel and they are calling this February Fury.

My dogs hate,hate,hate storms so they have not left my side and it is making me bonkers!~ So I am calling this February Furry! HAHAHA!Seriously if I even walk to the bathroom they're at my heels which in a way is sweet but in another way is frustrateing because did I mention I have this yoda old Chihuahua who weighs a whopping 6 lbs?

With her right under my feet my constant fear is that one day I am gonna step on her by accident and turn her into a squeaky toy.Lol!I have the opposite problem with our big Mastiff mix puppy.He's so damn big that I can NOT count how many times that big goof has almost tripped me or knocked me down! He doesn't mean to but he's just always THERE...LOL!

I decided to let the kids have a snow day today even though I homeschool*laughs*.They kind of get a raw deal since all the public school kids around here get the day off if a snow flurry so much as falls out of the sky and yet my boys STILL have to be taught since their school is at home.HAHAHA!

Yes I know I'm a strict teacher but hey this is their education we're talking about here! The public school kids will be losing summer vacation days they are missing so much school.My friend Nicole is NOT happy because her daughter has missed way too many days of school so far this year. I guess from what I'm told Maryland is not use to this kind of snow fall so think they're kind of freaking out..lol!

But today we are having a fun day! The boys are playing video games,I'm doing housework but soon to lay down for a nap(hey it's the weather not my fault and did I mention I'll be 40 soon?A Girl needs her snowy day nap.. man!),John was sent home from work today because of the weather so he has been napping already..lol!OMG as I type this the big goofy mastiff crawls up behind me in the chair pushing on my back(I'm sorry am I in your way you big goofy doggy?) and just goes to sleep..the Chihuahua is already curled up on my lap.Did I mention we are in the middle of February Furry?HAHAHA! So what are you up to today? Got any fun Blizzard stories you want to share?My friend says he could not comment on my blog.I don't see where to change the comment settings but I'll keep looking! Have an Amazing day!:0)

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