Few of my fav things....

  • A hug from my sons or hubby
  • A Romantic comedy book or movie
  • A smooch from our goofy puppy
  • Anything Pasta..I am part Italian and to me food IS love! Thankfully I stay active!
  • Baking time with my boys
  • Being a mommy..there is nothing like it in the world.They have filled a void I did not even know I had.:0)
  • Being married to my opposite, keeps things interesting..lol
  • Bike rides with hubby and the boys
  • Board game night with my boys
  • Chocolate and vanilla mixed soft serve ice cream on a waffle cone
  • Cougar town...so NOT the kind of show I thought it would be given the title name.This show is hilarious!
  • Desperate housewives.I rarely watch t.v but had to check this show out when so many people told me I looked like Edie.Don't see it but LOVE the show.Bought series 1-4 so far..lol!
  • Doves Chocolates
  • homeschooling my lil guys
  • Lazy days at the library
  • My boys smile
  • My husbands gorgeous green eyes..12 years later and they STILL melt me! lol!
  • My husbands smile
  • Nachos smothered in Chili and cheese
  • Night time reading time with my boys
  • Rainy days curled up with a cup of tea and a book
  • smell of coffee brewing
  • Smell of cookies baking
  • Smell of pinesol
  • Starbucks White chocolate mocha decaf Venti
  • The feel of morning dew between my toes
  • The smell of freshly made bread
  • The sound of my sons laughter


Sunday, May 16, 2010

I won,I won..I NEVER win anything....lol...What a day!:0)

What an amazing day! Me and the boys went to a local health fair with free food,free goodies,prizes,magic show etc! We got so many freebies including free local fast food meals which we had for lunch,lots of promotional freebies,boys got Indiana Jones shirt and poster and lots of kiddie goodies.But the shocker was that I won not one but TWO prizes! Two weeks vip passes at a local gym and a gift card good for 3 tanning sessions at a local tanning salon.I was SO shocked! I don't think I have ever won anything in my life.I've always joked that if my name was one of two in a hat it would fall through the hole in the hat..lol!

Before we went there we found a wonderful yard sale where I got a bag full of doggy clothes,lanyards,stuffed animals,gorgeous wire wastepaper basket for the boys room,igloo drink cooler,bag of baby onesies, cute lil baby girl skirts I am going to try to re-sew for my dog(Yes she is one spoiled chihuahua..lol),pecious floral cloth cellphone holder on a keychain I have been looking for big enough for my droid and to hold mommy cards etc,Baby teethers I'll donate that are in really great condition(I LIVE to donate stuff..lol),collectable wooden box,boogie board,Gorgeous Ocean City white Hoodie ,misc baby toys I'll either sale on ebay or donate and a bunch of misc lil toys for the boys..all for $7.00. I LOVE a good deal!:0) My lil Chihuahua is wearing a cute lil onesie right now..lol! Leave it unsnapped and it works to keep her warm and feel secure. She just LOVES being dressed.I'm telling you she thinks she is a human that just wears a fur coat all year round.

Tomorrow I will cut holes (and sew them up of course so they look cute) in all of them for her tail so I can snap them.They are the perfect size for her. I don't know why I never thought of this before.*laugh* OHHHH! At the yard sale this chihuahua came right up to me and started lovin all over me and the owner freaked and said"OMG She doesn't like ANYONE..like AT ALL"!!!! She called her husband out to see how her puppy was responding to me it shocked her so much..it was funny!

I told her I have a way with animals and that my mom calls me"Snow white" and has since I was real young because so many animals that don't like most people love me.She said"I guess so geesh"!! Then she said the mama just had babies and we got to see the 5 lil chihuahua puppies and oh my goodness they were so little they looked like hamsters!*laughs* There was one solid white one that I want sooooooo bad! If we were in a perm home and not month to month right now I would SO get another dog but just can't afford to right now till we know where we are going to be etc... But it made my heart smile to see those lil puppies.:0)

Today was total nature day around here. Me and the boys biked to the park and on our way back a family of deer crossed the street in front of us as we were leaving the park, then as we were pulling into our road two bunny rabbits let us come right up on them and take a bunch of pics. I tried downloading them off my phone but it didn't work. Once I figure it out I'll be sharing circus pic,pics form the magic show at the health fair and of course bunny pics on my blog.:0) One of these days I need to find my camera charger...that would be nice.

So tell me are you a big fan of the yard sale deals? Where you live do you have alot of nature around you?Share your nature stories with me please!I have so much on my to do list tomorrow I need to rewrite my list again.I live for list!lol! Did you do anything fun this weekend. what do you have planned for the upcoming week? Share with me :0)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free stuff all the time..check this blog out....:0)

So I realized just now as I was leaving a comment on my friend Midget Mommas blog that I have a wonderful lil cost savings secret to share with everyone!:0)

I know alot of you have heard about Craigslist right?www.craigslist.com! Your friends have prob told you when you were looking to buy something to check out craigslist or when you were looking to sell something to put it on craigslist.How many of you know that craigslist has a "FREE" section? Yep you read that right I said free as in woohoo free stuff! lol!

Now when my friend Bisquit first told me about this section I was skeptical because I was raised that nothing in life is free. Ummmm it would appear that though that may be true MOST the time there are exceptions to every rule!*chuckle*

I fully expected to find alot of stuff listed on there that someone would have to"pay" me to take off their hands but I was completly shocked when I seen furniture,food,weight lifting equipment,books,hot tubs,animals, etc...I was like huh?lol!

Now of course it depends on your area I'm sure as to what people list,how many free listings are there etc..I see more in my old area of Florida then obviously here where I live in Maryland .However since moving to Maryland I have aquired two free desk(got a big one then later downsized to a smaller one, both free),a huge gorgeous chair and ottoman so I now spend more time in the living room which before only had my husbands beautiful but not so comfy leather living room set.lol! I got a gorgeous train/game table for our two boys that looked like it was handmade by a father or grandfather and beats ANYTHING they make in the stores these days,a bunch of books on tape for hubby,two brand new wallets for hubby still in box(same person),mens hats(same person),a free laptop that just needed a little work(thank god for techie hubby..lol),two huge boxes of toys that to my sons delight included video games as well,books and more I'm sure if I thought long enough. Oh recently I seen a hot tub on there but we rent right now..lol!

I am serious when I say the things out there are amazing! Remember this is not people giving away stuff to the needy so don't worry they are going to be looking at you like a charity case. These are people who are giving stuff away and want it to go to someone who can use it.They just want to know that you can use it and when is a good time for you to come get it! However for safety reasons I would recommend you always bring someone with you if the person insist on meeting at their home for bigger items otherwise suggest maybe meeting in a wal-mart parking lot or something if it's smaller items.But some people just want the items picked up and don't want to go anywhere and it's on a first come first serve basis so they'll just give you their address and tell you items will be curbside or something! Just remember to Always be careful!

I hope this helps you and you get some great deals! Also I would love to hear from you on other resources you have found to find those fantastic freebies! Please share your ideas!

Me and my son meditating with the "squatting and seated woman" by Francisco Zuniga*smile*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Step right up,step right up.....The circus was in town...

So I HAVE to share something with you that I am just so beyond excited about two whole days later!*laughs* I finally as a forty year old mommy got to ride an elephant for the first time when the Circus came to town.I have loved Elephants since I was a little girl. It has been a dream of mine to ride one since I first seen the elephant rides at Busch Gardens when I was ten years old.But they charged for that so I was never able to. By the time I was an adult and could do it they stopped allowing adults to ride the elephants.*sigh* I thought my dream of an elephant ride would never be realized however a few years ago after getting really sick and being diagnosed with chrons disease I wrote the elephant ride on my "bucket list"(things to do before I kick the bucket..lol).I just couldn't give up on that dream.

Monday that dream was realized and YAY it was just as fun as I knew it would be! We get to the circus and we see the elephant rides and the boys are beyond excited!I ask the prices and am told $8 a person!Yikers!!We are on a budget and I went back and forth between thinking only the boys should ride but my boys would not let me out of it and I'm so glad!*laughs* I was like a little girl laughing and telling the elephant what a pretty girl she was as we rode around in a circle.I asked the guy leading her what her name was an I think he said "IKA".

During intermission I called hubby to tell him the good news and he laughed at my excitement and jokenly asked me if I was so excited I was at risk of strokeing out over the elephant ride.I admit I still have childlike enthusiasm for things I love in life and am married to a quieter,more sedate opposite of myself.Funny but when I told him what it cost for all three of us to ride he was the one at risk of stroking out.Nahhh just kidding,he actually suprised me by not commenting at all on the cost. All he said was"Well now you can scratch that off your bucket list".I kind of softened the blow though by saying it was the greatest belated Mothers Day present ever and totally made up for the fact he didn't get me a Mothers Day card.I said it in a joking way of course but it got the desired"Oh geesh",a laugh and I'm sure an eyeroll from him.

I had a WONDERFUL Mothers Day! Hubby Did forget to get me a card but it's kinda funny how it happened. First let me say I got a brand new mountain bike for Mothers Day and Lunch at the place of my choice and I chose "Cheeseburger in Paradise".An Awesome place with amazing food especially if you're a Jimmy Buffet fan or "Parrothead".I'm not a parrothead but hubby is and has been to the one in the Keys and actually met Jimmy Buffet.Great guy! I read his books and was pretty impressed with his writing style and outlook on life (I'm def a relaxed beachy kinda gal)but I'm still not what I would call a "parrothead"..lol!

I rented a bunch of movies I have been dieing to see and did not do "ANY" work at all that day! Well as we are heading home the boys remind hubby that they need to stop and buy a card.So he stops at CVS and as he gets out and I say"Honey since it's Mothers day don't you think the boys should be going in to pick their mama out a card"? So the boys go in with him and come out all excited about their card.We get home.....Apparently my sweet but clueless hubby thought that by the way I worded my comment a card from him was not expected...lol! Well our anniversary is coming up this week so I gave him the heads up that a card IS expected!*laughs*

I hope all of you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Do you have a Mothers Day/Circus or something you Finally crossed off your bucket list story to share?

I need a pause button on my lifes remote control...

Hiya! I am back! Did you miss me? Did you know I was gone?*laughs*

Well alot has happened since my last blog in Feb. I turned the big 40 in March! Both my sisters think I'm crazy because I was actually looking forward to it! I guess I will still never understand why anyone goes into a mini-meltdown over turning a year older. Of course I look at it different then most people do though so maybe that is where my inability to understand rest.

But it is late and I will save my getting older talk for another time.I really just wanted to blog about the fact that I plan to start blogging again.I really miss blogging and it has always been a fun way for me to connect with my family and friends and even make other friends along the way so I am going to figure out how to link this to my facebook I think so all of you can read this and keep up with what is going on in the life of this Domestic Goddess! :0)

I hope you are all doing great and that like me you are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather.I think it might possibly be my fav season.Springtime...when everyones thoughts turn to love.*smile*That's all I have to say right now as I have a bed calling my day and a back screaming in protest.I think I shall petition that the day be extended to 30 hours as 24 is not nearly long enough to do everything that needs to get done! Another long day put in and I have to be up in five hours to teach my little guys,clean the house,do laundry,cook,bake AND get some writing done.Hmm maybe 30 hours is not nearly enough...*laughs*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Fury or February Furry? *laughs*

Hiya once again my friends! How the heck is everybody? Great I hope!

As I sit here typing we are in the middle of ANOTHER blizzard! Seriously! *Laughs* I was just watching the weather channel and they are calling this February Fury.

My dogs hate,hate,hate storms so they have not left my side and it is making me bonkers!~ So I am calling this February Furry! HAHAHA!Seriously if I even walk to the bathroom they're at my heels which in a way is sweet but in another way is frustrateing because did I mention I have this yoda old Chihuahua who weighs a whopping 6 lbs?

With her right under my feet my constant fear is that one day I am gonna step on her by accident and turn her into a squeaky toy.Lol!I have the opposite problem with our big Mastiff mix puppy.He's so damn big that I can NOT count how many times that big goof has almost tripped me or knocked me down! He doesn't mean to but he's just always THERE...LOL!

I decided to let the kids have a snow day today even though I homeschool*laughs*.They kind of get a raw deal since all the public school kids around here get the day off if a snow flurry so much as falls out of the sky and yet my boys STILL have to be taught since their school is at home.HAHAHA!

Yes I know I'm a strict teacher but hey this is their education we're talking about here! The public school kids will be losing summer vacation days they are missing so much school.My friend Nicole is NOT happy because her daughter has missed way too many days of school so far this year. I guess from what I'm told Maryland is not use to this kind of snow fall so think they're kind of freaking out..lol!

But today we are having a fun day! The boys are playing video games,I'm doing housework but soon to lay down for a nap(hey it's the weather not my fault and did I mention I'll be 40 soon?A Girl needs her snowy day nap.. man!),John was sent home from work today because of the weather so he has been napping already..lol!OMG as I type this the big goofy mastiff crawls up behind me in the chair pushing on my back(I'm sorry am I in your way you big goofy doggy?) and just goes to sleep..the Chihuahua is already curled up on my lap.Did I mention we are in the middle of February Furry?HAHAHA! So what are you up to today? Got any fun Blizzard stories you want to share?My friend says he could not comment on my blog.I don't see where to change the comment settings but I'll keep looking! Have an Amazing day!:0)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crazy storm and the Superbowl....

As you can see from my profile I live in Merryland(Maryland) and we have just gone through a heck of a storm!Depending on who you listened to it was anywhere from the worse storm of the decade to the worse storm Maryland has seen in 90 years.UGH! No matter how you look at it,NOT good! Well thankfully being in Southern Maryland we did not get hit as bad as predicted.Picture above was taken yesterday of me and my puppy during the blizzard.Some might think he is saving my life and pulling me to safety when in fact he was playing tug of war with my scarf and trying to knock me down in the snow! Come on mama you look too dry lets play.let's play!*laughs*

However my friend Nicole who is further North got hit ALOT harder then we did and last I heard they were waist deep in the snow and it was still coming down.Predicted snow fall for her area?30 inches! That's crazy!They were supposed to come over for the SuperBowl but doubting anyone will be on the roads today.By the way..GO COLTS! Nahh they're not my team despite the fact I am originally from Indiana but I had to pick one of them for my boys to bet against me on so the Colts won.*laughs*

I ammmmmmm so looking forward to winning the boys candy(they are too young for jobs so no money yet,pout) and Dancing aroung the living room saying"My team is better then yourrrrrr team",hahahaha! I mean I am looking forward to a fun,fair enjoyable game with my family and hopefully friends! I promise this year when my team wins I won't do a dance and say"In your face" to whom ever is going for the opposing team no matter how much the urge hits me!*laughs*