Few of my fav things....

  • A hug from my sons or hubby
  • A Romantic comedy book or movie
  • A smooch from our goofy puppy
  • Anything Pasta..I am part Italian and to me food IS love! Thankfully I stay active!
  • Baking time with my boys
  • Being a mommy..there is nothing like it in the world.They have filled a void I did not even know I had.:0)
  • Being married to my opposite, keeps things interesting..lol
  • Bike rides with hubby and the boys
  • Board game night with my boys
  • Chocolate and vanilla mixed soft serve ice cream on a waffle cone
  • Cougar town...so NOT the kind of show I thought it would be given the title name.This show is hilarious!
  • Desperate housewives.I rarely watch t.v but had to check this show out when so many people told me I looked like Edie.Don't see it but LOVE the show.Bought series 1-4 so far..lol!
  • Doves Chocolates
  • homeschooling my lil guys
  • Lazy days at the library
  • My boys smile
  • My husbands gorgeous green eyes..12 years later and they STILL melt me! lol!
  • My husbands smile
  • Nachos smothered in Chili and cheese
  • Night time reading time with my boys
  • Rainy days curled up with a cup of tea and a book
  • smell of coffee brewing
  • Smell of cookies baking
  • Smell of pinesol
  • Starbucks White chocolate mocha decaf Venti
  • The feel of morning dew between my toes
  • The smell of freshly made bread
  • The sound of my sons laughter


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free stuff all the time..check this blog out....:0)

So I realized just now as I was leaving a comment on my friend Midget Mommas blog that I have a wonderful lil cost savings secret to share with everyone!:0)

I know alot of you have heard about Craigslist right?www.craigslist.com! Your friends have prob told you when you were looking to buy something to check out craigslist or when you were looking to sell something to put it on craigslist.How many of you know that craigslist has a "FREE" section? Yep you read that right I said free as in woohoo free stuff! lol!

Now when my friend Bisquit first told me about this section I was skeptical because I was raised that nothing in life is free. Ummmm it would appear that though that may be true MOST the time there are exceptions to every rule!*chuckle*

I fully expected to find alot of stuff listed on there that someone would have to"pay" me to take off their hands but I was completly shocked when I seen furniture,food,weight lifting equipment,books,hot tubs,animals, etc...I was like huh?lol!

Now of course it depends on your area I'm sure as to what people list,how many free listings are there etc..I see more in my old area of Florida then obviously here where I live in Maryland .However since moving to Maryland I have aquired two free desk(got a big one then later downsized to a smaller one, both free),a huge gorgeous chair and ottoman so I now spend more time in the living room which before only had my husbands beautiful but not so comfy leather living room set.lol! I got a gorgeous train/game table for our two boys that looked like it was handmade by a father or grandfather and beats ANYTHING they make in the stores these days,a bunch of books on tape for hubby,two brand new wallets for hubby still in box(same person),mens hats(same person),a free laptop that just needed a little work(thank god for techie hubby..lol),two huge boxes of toys that to my sons delight included video games as well,books and more I'm sure if I thought long enough. Oh recently I seen a hot tub on there but we rent right now..lol!

I am serious when I say the things out there are amazing! Remember this is not people giving away stuff to the needy so don't worry they are going to be looking at you like a charity case. These are people who are giving stuff away and want it to go to someone who can use it.They just want to know that you can use it and when is a good time for you to come get it! However for safety reasons I would recommend you always bring someone with you if the person insist on meeting at their home for bigger items otherwise suggest maybe meeting in a wal-mart parking lot or something if it's smaller items.But some people just want the items picked up and don't want to go anywhere and it's on a first come first serve basis so they'll just give you their address and tell you items will be curbside or something! Just remember to Always be careful!

I hope this helps you and you get some great deals! Also I would love to hear from you on other resources you have found to find those fantastic freebies! Please share your ideas!


  1. Thanks Alycia.Glad you like it.I love yours too!I'm following you now.Hope you're having an Amazing weekend!:0)

  2. Wow! I love this! Can't wait to try it out.

  3. Glad you liked it Mommyspoon.*smile* I answered ads today for a free tanning bed,book shelf for my boys room and odds and ends left over from a moving sale that include gift baskes,plastic kids kayak,box of household items and a bunch of other things I forget*laughs*. Wish me luck and let me know what good finds you found.They also have a great childcare section.I answered a ad for a nanny for a 12 week old baby boy and a 2 year old boy.The mother is looking for a teacher type who will stimulate her lil guy as well as a nanny and being a homeschooling mommy this is a perfect job for me!Hoping to hear back from her. I left a message on her voice mail so keeping my fingers crossed and praying alot!*laughs*Thanks for the following.I follow you and have been reading your blogs to hubby.I love how you express yourself!!:0)