Few of my fav things....

  • A hug from my sons or hubby
  • A Romantic comedy book or movie
  • A smooch from our goofy puppy
  • Anything Pasta..I am part Italian and to me food IS love! Thankfully I stay active!
  • Baking time with my boys
  • Being a mommy..there is nothing like it in the world.They have filled a void I did not even know I had.:0)
  • Being married to my opposite, keeps things interesting..lol
  • Bike rides with hubby and the boys
  • Board game night with my boys
  • Chocolate and vanilla mixed soft serve ice cream on a waffle cone
  • Cougar town...so NOT the kind of show I thought it would be given the title name.This show is hilarious!
  • Desperate housewives.I rarely watch t.v but had to check this show out when so many people told me I looked like Edie.Don't see it but LOVE the show.Bought series 1-4 so far..lol!
  • Doves Chocolates
  • homeschooling my lil guys
  • Lazy days at the library
  • My boys smile
  • My husbands gorgeous green eyes..12 years later and they STILL melt me! lol!
  • My husbands smile
  • Nachos smothered in Chili and cheese
  • Night time reading time with my boys
  • Rainy days curled up with a cup of tea and a book
  • smell of coffee brewing
  • Smell of cookies baking
  • Smell of pinesol
  • Starbucks White chocolate mocha decaf Venti
  • The feel of morning dew between my toes
  • The smell of freshly made bread
  • The sound of my sons laughter


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Step right up,step right up.....The circus was in town...

So I HAVE to share something with you that I am just so beyond excited about two whole days later!*laughs* I finally as a forty year old mommy got to ride an elephant for the first time when the Circus came to town.I have loved Elephants since I was a little girl. It has been a dream of mine to ride one since I first seen the elephant rides at Busch Gardens when I was ten years old.But they charged for that so I was never able to. By the time I was an adult and could do it they stopped allowing adults to ride the elephants.*sigh* I thought my dream of an elephant ride would never be realized however a few years ago after getting really sick and being diagnosed with chrons disease I wrote the elephant ride on my "bucket list"(things to do before I kick the bucket..lol).I just couldn't give up on that dream.

Monday that dream was realized and YAY it was just as fun as I knew it would be! We get to the circus and we see the elephant rides and the boys are beyond excited!I ask the prices and am told $8 a person!Yikers!!We are on a budget and I went back and forth between thinking only the boys should ride but my boys would not let me out of it and I'm so glad!*laughs* I was like a little girl laughing and telling the elephant what a pretty girl she was as we rode around in a circle.I asked the guy leading her what her name was an I think he said "IKA".

During intermission I called hubby to tell him the good news and he laughed at my excitement and jokenly asked me if I was so excited I was at risk of strokeing out over the elephant ride.I admit I still have childlike enthusiasm for things I love in life and am married to a quieter,more sedate opposite of myself.Funny but when I told him what it cost for all three of us to ride he was the one at risk of stroking out.Nahhh just kidding,he actually suprised me by not commenting at all on the cost. All he said was"Well now you can scratch that off your bucket list".I kind of softened the blow though by saying it was the greatest belated Mothers Day present ever and totally made up for the fact he didn't get me a Mothers Day card.I said it in a joking way of course but it got the desired"Oh geesh",a laugh and I'm sure an eyeroll from him.

I had a WONDERFUL Mothers Day! Hubby Did forget to get me a card but it's kinda funny how it happened. First let me say I got a brand new mountain bike for Mothers Day and Lunch at the place of my choice and I chose "Cheeseburger in Paradise".An Awesome place with amazing food especially if you're a Jimmy Buffet fan or "Parrothead".I'm not a parrothead but hubby is and has been to the one in the Keys and actually met Jimmy Buffet.Great guy! I read his books and was pretty impressed with his writing style and outlook on life (I'm def a relaxed beachy kinda gal)but I'm still not what I would call a "parrothead"..lol!

I rented a bunch of movies I have been dieing to see and did not do "ANY" work at all that day! Well as we are heading home the boys remind hubby that they need to stop and buy a card.So he stops at CVS and as he gets out and I say"Honey since it's Mothers day don't you think the boys should be going in to pick their mama out a card"? So the boys go in with him and come out all excited about their card.We get home.....Apparently my sweet but clueless hubby thought that by the way I worded my comment a card from him was not expected...lol! Well our anniversary is coming up this week so I gave him the heads up that a card IS expected!*laughs*

I hope all of you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Do you have a Mothers Day/Circus or something you Finally crossed off your bucket list story to share?


  1. That is so cool that you got to ride an elephant. Cheeseburger in Paradise...I thought those were only in Hawaii...LOVE Cheeseburger in Paradise, of course everything is good overlooking the pacific in Maui..


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  2. Great post! Glad to be one of your first followers. :) Even more glad that you got to experience your dream!

  3. Thank you for the follow back Jenn! I really enjoy your blog!Great following another Homeschooling mommy.Hope your having a great day!:0)

  4. Holly,
    I was as excited as the kids were if not MORE so about the elephant ride!*laughs* Wow I didn't know they had the "Cheeseburger in paradise" in Hawaii either.I've never been there.I guess that is just"ONE" more reason I need to go to Hawaii.Now I'm gonna have to add that to my list.Thank you for help on the buttons.I will def be emailing you for help I'm sure..*laughs* I am not the most technologically savvy gal out there.Any help is appreciated.*smile*

  5. Beth,
    Thank you so much for being one of my first followers and also for sharing such a great blog with the rest of us! I feel very blessed to have run across your blog.It def made me smile as have all of the blogs I have been blessed enough to follow so far.Keep sharing your life and your smiles and you can expect to see me as an avid follower.I hope you're having an Amazing week so far!Take care and God Bless!

  6. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm a new follower of yours as well. What a fun thing, to ride an elephant!! I'd love to do that someday. ; )

  7. Happy Mother's day to you, too! I am so putting "ride an elephant" on my list of things to do.

  8. Ashley,
    Your welcome hon! Your writing truly moves me as it shows your heart and it is a gift to write with your heart.Aww I'm so glad you'll be following me as well*smile* Thank you!:0)Yes it was ALOT of fun! I was grinning from ear to ear.I know the guy leading us around was thinking"This woman is crazy" but I didn't care..lol!

  9. Janet,
    Yayyy! I have inspired someone to ride an Elephant!! I am smiling so big!*laughs*They also had camel rides under the big top and when hubby found this out later he said "So ummm why didn't you ride the camels too".I just looked at him like he was totally clueless and said'Ummm I have not been wanting to ride a darn camel since I was 10 years old duhhhh"! He just laughed at me..lol! Geesh..do I have to explain the difference between elephants and camels to this man?*giggle*Okay the camel ride WOULD have been fun, but money was limited after refreshments(the prices were like"ARE YOU SERIOUS IS THAT COLA IMPORTED WITH THE LIGERS"?),upgrading to front row seats and besides my dream had been realized I was NOT going to be greedy!!!*laughs*Look up Cole Brothers Circus and see if they are coming to a town near you *smile*

  10. Thanks for following, and I'm following you too now!
    Happy Mother's day and I hope you cross many more things off your "bucket" list!

  11. Lydia,
    Thank you for the following as well and you are so welcome. Your blog is such a joy to read. I think I have found my new addiction next to Chipolte,Doves Chocolate and Starbucks decaf White chocolate mochas!*Laughs*Blogging is SO much fun!!! I am a social butterfly who LOVES meeting new people and of course sharing my fun life as a Domestic Goddess*chuckle*Happy Mother's Day to you as well and thank you I plan to cross many more things off my bucket list.Hmmm maybe one day I'll dig it out and post it as a blog*laughs*.Hey that gives me an idea for later blogs...*note to self* lol! I hope you are having an Amazing Thursday and that you swang so high with your kiddies that your still a lil dizzy! Nothing is better then the fun filled moments we share with our lil ones.:0)